Providing great coffee is not the only thing we are passionate about. It is very important to us here at Arpeggio Coffee Company to give back to our community. We have partnered with The Joy of Music School to help support them in their mission to provide free music lessons and music education to low-income, at-risk children in our community. Here is a little more information about the school and what they do.

Since 1998, the Joy of Music School has connected thousands of Knoxville's underserved children with talented educators and inspiring performers in quality programs that enrich lives, uplift families, and strengthen the community.

 The School reaches over 220 low-income, at-risk children and teens through free music instruction in its Knoxville facility, and provides free outreach music classes at afterschool sites, serving up to 1,000 more low-income youth.

Enrollment has fallen by about 40% since the Covid-19 pandemic. In the period covered by this grant, the School expects to recoup 10 percent of those losses.

 To comply with pandemic health regulations, in March 2020 the School moved services online using Zoom video conferencing. This included individual lessons as well as in-house classes and ensembles. Outreach teaching, normally offered in after-school sites, has morphed into synchronous and asynchronous instruction using Zoom with occasional in-person instruction.

 The School engages children from low-income communities making music education accessible. Most students are from the inner-city Knoxville locales of Mechanicsville, Lonsdale, and Beaumont—areas with the lowest household incomes in Knox County. The student population is representative of the underserved local community: 48% of students across all programs are persons of color, and 100% are from low-income households.

All of the instructors are highly skilled and volunteer their time to help enrich the lives of these children. Beyond the instruction they receive, each student has the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience each year to show what they have learned not only about music and playing an instrument, but how to be a source of positivity for our community.

Please joins us in our efforts in supporting such a worthy cause. We donate a portion of our sales, sponsor local events, and donate some of our products in our efforts to give them the support thy need.

Thank You,

Gerry G.

Arpeggio Coffee Company Founder