Stages of Roasting Coffee 

Coffee beans make one of the world's favorite beverages. They have an amazing aroma, taste even better, and have a positive effect on the body and the mind. This would not be possible without the all important process of roasting.

Roasting transforms coffee beans from green to varying shades of brown, and it’s what helps produce the characteristic flavors and aromas that are unique to coffee.

The Preheat

It’s very important that we create the perfect settings pre-heating the drum. Once it’s reached the desired temperature, the beans are added and the roasting process begins. The temperature depends on the capacity of the roasting machine, the amount of coffee we want to roast, as well as its moisture content. Coffee is all about reactions. To create the chemical reactions needed to bring out the taste, aroma, acidity, and body, we have to add heat, after drying the beans.  

Aroma Development 

During this stage, sugars and amino acids begin to break down, which develops the acidity in your coffee beans. At it is the stage we extract the complex aromas, and the browning and color change begins to occur in the beans. By the end of this stage, the first crack will occur, an indicator that the beans have begun opening up and becoming less dense.


Also called the “caramelization stage” because it’s where the coffee starts to caramelize and release simple sugars. This part of the process is done at much higher temperatures, and the longer we extend this stage, the stronger the hints of caramel and buttery body – but we also sacrifice some sweetness. With a light roast, the process is finished right after the first crack completes. Espresso and darker roasts are kept inside the drum and this stage is completed right before or immediately after the second crack.

Cool Down

The final stage is the most essential one. here’s where coffee is released from the roasting drum and put into a circulating bin below the roaster set over a fan to start the cooling process. If the coffee is kept in the roaster drum, it will continue roasting because the machine is still hot and the beans can be burned and bitter.

Thinking about roasting your own coffee? If you are, then keep these stages of the roasting process in mind to help you create amazing coffee!

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