Central and South America are known for having some of the world's greatest coffees. It’s no surprise, When you consider the climate and rich, fruitful soil found throughout the areas. Costa Rica is no exception.

 Costa Rican coffee beans have been grown in the country since the early 19th century. In 1821, once the country was independent of Spain, the government gave away coffee seeds for free to the farmers to encourage production. It worked a little too well because records show there were around seventeen thousand trees at that point.

 So what makes Costa Rican coffee so amazing? 

Reason #1: The Growing Conditions Are Ideal

 Coffee from Costa Rica, has a great taste thanks to the country’s fertile soil, warm temperatures, and rainfall that is consistent from year to year.

Reason #2: Growing Bad Coffee Is Illegal

  Yes, you read that right. The laws in Cost Rica make it illegal to produce any type of coffee that isn’t 100% Arabica (the highest quality of coffee beans).

Reason #3: The Micro Mill Revolution

In the mid to late 2000s, farmers invested in small-scale equipment. By purchasing their own equipment, it allowed the farmers to increase control over their coffees – from growing and processing to quality and traceability.

 These are some of the main reasons the country's coffee is so beloved and deemed one of the best-quality coffee worldwide! Order yours today and taste why Costa Rican coffee is listed as one of the world's best coffees!